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Several of the apostles have grown up in part member homes.

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I love talking religion with him and I have never pressured him to change his habits or anything else about him. Don't let her try to bring in the missionaries to explain; remind her that she is an RM and knows all they do and probably much more. Everyone seems to think that I'm lucky to marry a doctor.

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I say to you, decisions determine destiny. Though my mother never openly complained about this, I could see it in her eyes. This was the biggest one for me. You will be expected to condone but not attend events in the temple to which you will not be granted access. That's a really sad story.

So how do we approach saving a relationship with someone who has unrealistic expectations of what a long-term relationship looks like.

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And even then it will put Huge stress on it and on you for the rest of your life. You're only seeing what's on the surface of her Have enough people told you to run. I remember attending numerous priesthood meetings by myself and wishing dad were next to me.

Lots of really thorough replies. When you come home do you just want to be alone. Best of luck OP. Marriage is simply not an option to me there.

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We only sex ten minutes from each other and he's probably too scatter-brained to remember to mail a kiss every day haha, but africon idea for LDRs. Sexuality is the enemy of romance, and romance is amazing. Com of the guests talked about the importance of helping hard core mormons to be open and accepting to ALL their brothers and sisters in the church, regardless of sexual orientation.

We are trying to conceive now, and I am contemplating if this jiggly girls gif the right path for me. And on my part, I felt I needed to go out and live harder, party more, be more social, etc.

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However, I believe there are rules set, and we receive certain blessings when we obey said rules. Is it naive to think we could raise our children to fully participate in two different faiths. This can make it harder for you two to do things together. She honestly believes that she has the truth, and that if you are exposed to it enough you will recognize that.

Will you be open to me teaching my children my athiest point of view.

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When he does, he is often quiet and exhausted. By the end of the first date with my husband I knew I wanted him to be a part of my life. I think patience and understanding is also important. Do you drink alcohol. There are many great and wonderful people in the dildp, and the real evil about the church is that it harms those great and wonderful people. But, when you're married to a doctor, know that doctors don't sacrifice for their marriages.

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The thing I worry about is the reason that we are together is that I don't want to build my own life. With localized medical news and in-language editions. I am a non-Mormon who moved to Utah for college. I understand that, and accept that. Imagine if all the men in the world weighed over pounds and acted like slobs.

But i am struggling to cope with him and his hectic schedule.

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All faiths have vocabulary unique to them. I'm pointing this out because I don't know her and sex tell you what to expect. The woman I have feelings for is conflicted on her religion in regards to me. Africon could even pass com off as you investigating the church and you stumnled accross these essays on lds. Now I feel sadness for losing out because of fear, and a cult mindset. You I think are ok with that. I wish I could find a support group in South Africa.

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Well, sometimes they cant. You have been blessed with the equipment to make such decisions. If it is already an issue in your relationship, then it'll amplify to an extreme if you get married. Till then, I know I should be more patient and understanding than any ordinary wife is. We have 2 school age children. They seriously have movies about it. Accept yourself, and feel God accepting you, and everything else will follow.

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We play doctor - then she leaves. And after dating a few months we both knew we wanted to get married. Mine was in California, back in the 70s. She has opened my africon to many parts of our national sex that are not in harmony with righteousness.

As ex-mormons, can anyone here offer some insight about this girl, com religion, and what exactly I may be getting myself into if I continue dating her. It takes the right personality and commitment on both sides. Then an explanation of the nature of your soul and where it came from and where it's going.

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We are trying to work together to live together in 3 years but since we are homosexuals and in an arabic country its kinda hard to try to live here so we have to wait for her to graduate to get out of here.

It is so hard, so sad and so lonely. We are indeed in two different places. She views patriarchy as a quality of God. We have known each other for many years. Stick around on this sub.