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Cute Girls Doing Cute Things - Gif Collection April 2013

Nicole Kidman Clapping, 32MM views.

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Revealed: The Origins of 15 of Your Favorite GIFs

Become a SMW News contributor and reach k readers each month. Apply Here. All rights reserved. Email Password Login Register. When freepotn looking for some funny GIFs to send your crush, three hard and fast rules apply: babies, puppies, and Mr.

All make amazing GIF content, and all are basically certified to put a smile on your crush's face.

1. Excited Kid Birthday Party GIF

But if you want to branch out from the basics, I've composed a list that includes the very most primo, funny, and adorable GIF content for every occasion. Jackson Hewitt Tax Services released a series of ads featuring people excited about getting their taxes done, including this one.

The GIF speeds up Steve's slo-mo happy dance, which is equally glorious in the video.

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To answer your question, yes, he is that excited about his taxes. Image: 4GIFs. As with most popular baby GIFs, this one comes from a viral videowhich features a baby named Emerson alternately terrified and amused by his mother blowing her nose.

Images: Tumblr, moremaugham. While this GIF set looks like it came from a retro movie, it's actually ripped from a parody of '60s and '70s Italian action-adventure movies, Italian Spiderman. Australian filmmaking collective Alrugo Entertainment posted the video on YouTube in Image: Reaction GIFs. For those who don't have the show in their rotation, it is ripped from the fourth episode of Season 7.

Women Who Know How To Charm With Their Smile (15 gifs) -

In " The Stinson Missile Crisis ," Robin cries under her desk while double fisting a bottle of wine and a box of chocolates because she still has feelings for her ex, Bbw nurse. Image: Tumblr, cowcat. The western film Jeremiah Johnson centers around the titular character's wilderness adventures. The outdoorsman in question is Robert Redford no, not Zach Galifinakas. Don't you feel validated?

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cute girl smiling gif yougest pornstar Click to get the report sent to your inbox! X to life at our global emo milf in New York on May Register your Interest. Not only was it used commonly for everyday affection, but it became a reactive message of love in response to the spurious news cycles of this past year. No GIF list is complete without cute animals.
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cute girl smiling gif malay girlfriend Good luck trying to figure smiling where your favorite GIFs originated. Whoever created the original video usually isn't the girl person who GIF-ed it. And people rarely include proper attribution, so they're difficult to accurately source. Never fear — we've demystified a few of the classics. Now that you know gif your favorite animated loops came from, you can save yourself the mental anguish, sleep well tonight and impress your friends tomorrow. If you've ever wondered what actually made this kid so freaking happy, we have the answer: Torii Hunter. Though the Major League Baseball player currently plays for the Detroit Tigers, this television spot aired during his time as a right cute for the Minnesota Twins.
cute girl smiling gif antonia thomas porn In the age of flirting over the internet, sending GIFs and memes are basically the equivalent of love poems. If you don't have funny GIFs to text your crushyou need to get some pronto. GIFs step in when you gif have the words to do smiling feelings justice. They're also a unique way to express something that makes you stand out from the crowd — and that's cute you need to make sure that your GIFs are not only funny, but also unique. Because let's be real: Just like it's a girl turn-off to hear the same sentiment expressed a million and a half times, it's also boring to keep recycling the same content.