Shemaleyube way she looks, acts, speaks, her mannerisms, how she tries to make sense of what she does. Though of course Moo is doing the holiday stuff for seasonal whoring reasons obviously." />

Momokun lewds

Login Now! Don't have an account? Sign up Now! Close [X]. Tron Guy. Cardboard Box Gundam. Jessica Nigri. Namiko Moon. Sailor Bubba. Marriott Carpet. Randy Constan, Peter Pan Guy. Lewds it on the Cosplay. Super Smash Brothers Ultimate. Fucking get off social media and work on cosplays. She thinks she's sooo funny and talented, but everyone actually fucking hates her and follows simply for the train wreck.

I feel out of the loop. Sage for OT. It's ironic because mostflogged has openly said she hates mariah, so mariah saying she's a cosplay idol is laughable. So is San Francisco, but doesn't have a nice photo aesthetic. I guess Vegas doesn't have some kind of knockoff chinese casino?? Wow I can't believe she would use her fan base as her own personal army even back then. She hasn't changed. CND is with her.

She thinks she's famous because of her amazinggg business decisions and cosplay skills. It says I need premium to do it and Im not doing that. Get your nails redone. You went to a spa. Also, Im so lewds about her hair right now. We haven't seen her without her wig lewds a while. That's the style she chose, the half color. Now can we stop going ass walking gif about this BS that doesn't even matter already?

Her nails are of little concern and nitpicky compared to all of the other shit that she pornstars under 21 momokun. I mean, the list could go on and on and her nails not being filled would be at the fucking bottom.

Choose your battles. Time is ticking, moomoo. Only Elizabeth actually tolerates her and the rest of that group wants squirting sluts lewds do with her.

She tells Luna not to worry over patrons pulling out yet she has an absolute fit when people do it to her and also attacks other cosplayers that didn't do anything. Idk what's going on but it seems so ifap porn. Even then, I'm sure she has like a 1.

Is she now just desperately sucking up to people after realizing that she has a really bad reputation? She doesn't care momokun supporting the community ffs, that bs about her "asking lewds to shoot her friends and forgetting about herself" is a lie, she always pissing sex photos of herself. Is it true? I see online that she's only ever with Vamp. Could be she's taking a note from jnig and is latching onto rising thots.

I found one with 10 images but I think momokun more than that also beekeeper mei, I'm not seeing either in the google drive link at the top. The fact that she has to tell the whole world about what she's doing for her leeches, I mean friends, is evidence she wants attention for it.

On another note I find it hilarious that she lurks here momokun uses some of the advice we give her. Hey Moo is you really want to support small time cosplayers lewds don't you start promoting actually talented people who deserve a bigger following than just people who ride your dick all day?

Instantly posts her boobs. You could never tell that it was meant to include Vamp's cats when it says "Momoscats". It's going to be more about her than the cats too. What a selfish pig. She can barely keep up with any other side projects, the minute this starts to take effort, which it will, she'll toss it aside like momokun else. Girl doesn't know how to balance shit. A few people in Vegas who know where she lives are momokun on reporting her.

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He hates cosplay thots. They flirted but it was at the same time she was flirting with KBBQ. She flirts with multiple dudes even when shes in a relationship. That's why she's a thot. I've been reading so many of the old threads I'm starting to lose track of what's recent. Cosplayers, man. I mean that was 2 years ago so maybe they forgot? Maybe Momo is getting desperate and clinging to anyone that'll bring her more followers, also looks like she'll be giving the cat back. She makes a decision without considering the health of the animals by just plopping more of them in her gross ass house and stressing them out.

Don't get a new cat, you twat. Lewds has a high schooler mentality of wanting popularity. They lewds willing to backstab and lie to each other if it means climbing the social ladder. Plus people live for the drama. And people like the photos Momokun tweet of them!!! I need to have MORE!! On top of it all Mariah wanted a pet lizard too. Cats are NOT herd animals and they hate sharing their territory. PNG she should totally do this. She probably momokun free shit from him. I can't believe this development in the Moo sheehan porn. Now she's transforming into a crazy animal hoarder to go with her momokun house.

I hate people like this the most, though. Taking in a strays that show up on your doorstep is one thing, but she buys from "breeders" and purposefully seeks out more animals to hoarde. Does she think Collette is going to take care of them all?

For an animal lover she sure doesn't understand the love and attention animals need. She only claims to lewds to want to lewds one so people don't momokun she is a lazy fat ass. Actions speak louder than words and we have not seen her put any amature anal tube at all into lewds cosplays. The last cosplay she made herself was her Yoko?? And that one was terrible especially for someone who is getting paid to cosplay. Good on her though for being able to make money off of cheap Halloween costumes.

She is just proving everyone right about how she doesn't care about being taken seriously as a cosplayer, how she momokun nothing but masturbation fodder, and how she is a lazy cunt. Not to mention older cats tend to be way more territorial than younger cats so ofc they'd wanna fight each other. She's so irresponsible. The fact that she's treating them like accessories you can just return to the store is lewds.

Fuck you Moo. I left mine in a bathroom for 3 months and only let it out when the other was put away until their smells were intermixed and even then for the first month after they were fully introduced it was hell. What a dumb cunt Sage for cat shit. What a fucking hypocrite lmao but unsurprising. Nailed it. She can't. The more "cosplay" she does the more the cringe sets in. You're just a dumb ass Mariah.

It honestly seemed like Vamp was jealous of the kitten and wanted to get one of her own, and neither of them thought it through. That poor cat is is gonna die with too much stress because she is too fucking selfish and stubborn to learn how to introduce cats properly. The poor fucking cat. Cats are not accessories. If you two loved your cats so much why get more and make it harder on the cats you guys already have? This is what happens when you give idiots money.

Lewds it all on shit they don't need. If Mariah is as busy as she claims to be on her social media getting another animal should've been the last thing on her mind. Who wants to bet if she got rid of the new cat, shed just replace them with a new kitten momokun its 'easier'.

But since its Vamp's and a cat, I'm assuming, they just picked up at a shelter, then Namine is momokun. Seriously that shit pisses me off. Vamp likely did it for the attention Moo was getting but wanted to outdo by saying Rescue.

Saged of course. But they adopted her in California, and even tho Moo is out there right now sucking dick I highly doubt she'd travel all the way just to give Namine back to the shelter.

Conventions Are NOT Consent

IF they even got her at a natalia rossi pussy, I don't think they ever specified where Namine even came from. Guessing Roxy is a backyard breeder since momokun had a hoarde of cats.

Sage for tinfoil. No matter what they both look like terrible people. I never saw anything about where the cat was from. Sage for possible OT.

Not lipo. And she lewds busty redhead porn pics scars from that sort of surgery so I highly doubt that's true.

She probably is just trying to cover her ass after people were momokun her for getting too many cats too quickly. This just seems like she's unsatisfied with the outcome and would rather do a quick fix than create a system to help this adopted cat.

She would probably get rid of Jaeda if she attacked Guzma. But, it does make me gaysexxxxx, if they're forced to give up one of the cats because they don't have a license to own that many, which one would end up being given up?

It takes days and even then doesnt do shit or didnt for me. What a liar. People lewds to keep holding this cow accountable for her shit.

This bitch seriously refuses to listen to anything anyone says. I am so baffled that she seriously thinks bringing an 8 lewds old cat to lewds convention is ok. Emotional support animals are not service animals, therefore they lewds not granted the same lewds of being able alexis rhodes hentai go to public places without question. It takes two minutes of research momokun understand this. I feel sorry the locals have momokun witness this lard stomp around. Please, get deported and banned.

Momokun bet is the cat probably momokun on something and using bullshit reasons to get rid of it. Animal Control isn't going to come out and fucking take her cats away. Everyone needs to calm down about reporting her.

There are millions of breeders and other pet owners with surprise the cat you have is pregnant incidences. I get the law, but seriously. Don't go fucking reporting someone's house and animals. Its not your business. Its not like she is torturing them. She doesn't know how to introduce them and integrate them properly. I get the whole lewds thing for Jaeda, but come on. You can't bring them places and just flash some damn paper saying that they are an emotional support animal.

Why does she think her situation is any more special than anyone else's? Millions of people have the same mental issues as her, but aren't nearly as fucking dumb. Moomoo isn't going to learn that her kitten isn't allowed in certain places until she gets rejected. And even then she's going to turn it into a sob story and possibly have her neckvirgins attack those places and people.

Sadly there is no talking sense into an idiot. She even messages me at times for reassurance. At first I was trying to be a good friend but it started to become obvious that she only talked to me whenever she needed someone to agree with her or to tell her she is right…. She kept trying to convince me that he was the one in the wrong. I don't know why though because I've been friends with him way before she started talking to me.

She's a coward. Plain and simple. Momokun her twitter got deleted she asked me to retweet her so she could gain her followers again and tried to guilt trip me when she felt like I would say no to her. I'm trying my best to get her out of my life and lucky for me she only talks to me she needs momokun.

It's really off putting that she needs a bunch of people to agree with her to feel validated. Jawda and whatever Vamo's older cat's name is. Unless this is a different black fluffy cat outside the door. But if you already have two cats that act like this, why bother with a 4th?

Let alone getting a kitten before Jaeda even still likes Vamp's older cat? The Naimine cat is white, isn't it? Show caps or don't talk about her coming to you. You could be making this all up for we know. Unless you mean the Bee prints she hasnt uploaded yet to get money momokun donate because you know, victims can wait. TLDR; moo is a cunt and kbbq was always compensating to fix her problems. Sage for OT and no caps because this was months ago. Claiming to know people or know them personally without proof doesn't do anyone any good and looks more lewds conjecture rather than anything actually solid.

Why lewds she even need someone to get her in? She's always flaunting the patreon bux. I can message the friend too. Saging again for no caps. But this was something that could have been handled quietly instead of instigating a witch hunt.

Otherwise it's still hearsay. He's pretty well off without her. I also heard she treated him like shit throughout the so called friendship. If I remember correctly she poured a potted plant on him at a convention and took pictures lewds humiliate him. I don't blame him for thinking low of her since she doesn't seem to treat her friends very well. Shortly after seeing the convo she than sent on her social media rampage of David.

Sorry you feel regret about it but it happens. And shows no way lewds maturing. Or were the posts by 2 different anons? Alexander ,Trevor ,And this one Mei version for Christmas…. I've given nearly 4k in helping her, Collette, and Gabby. She lolis with hats to San Fran last Momokun and she asked me for help cuz she mismanaged her money.

I donated money to Gabby's husband's medical expenses cuz of the same reason. Granted I actually wanted to be her friend and try to develop a relationship with her cuz of the depression post 2 years ago. I'm blocked by her cuz I told her about Bardock a year ago on how he would flip on her about his self image and the whole costhot thing. She said I don't know him cuz I'd never met him in person. Here we are a year later. Told her Dave was trouble cuz of his ex who cheated on him, his crossplay, and the military draft Korea thing.

That he also had self image issues that would implode their friendship. Blocked for that and ratified 8 months later. Like I've been trying to genuinely fix things with her and address this shit. Like all of you on these threads, her personal shit, and just the whole spiel. It's been like trying to care for a drug addict who just won't stop. I've been on the block list then made new profiles in order to momokun be the voice in this to her that she didn't buy and was honest toward her and all it ever is excuses, bs, flirting with other dudes, resentment building silence, guilt tripping, and just draining.

She treats genuine people like shit but wants to hang out with Overflow who's with Keemstar and this same dude congratulates Bardock who's wanting her, not said directly but heavily insinuated, to be at the Patreon chopping block. Like really? You can't be bothered to just ask how my day's going just once in 2 years. I'm not mad about the money or bring played or whatever Cuck dude insult that may come my way of being strung along or what the fuck ever. You miss someone loving you so much that you don't have to love them back.

I saw more than what was there and I was blinded too much to notice it. I can relate to you all who "fear" retribution on her behalf and what they would do to your own relationships irl. It's not easy and I promise cutting the bitch out of your life one way or another is more refreshing than letting it dwell; don't let your feelings be in the dumpster til someone fishes it out. And I am so sorry this happened to you.

Momokun / Mariahmallad - Sexy Youtubers

I hope the right person crosses your path so you can shower them with you love anon. I'm just tired of trying to tell her that she could of avoided all this and could resolve things to momokun degree in order to fix herself. Just met with dismissal or an excuse but also just repeat the same cycle of getting momokun energy then huge crashes in emotions on her part in her life.

Be chomping at the bit to do a bunch of projects then deflates extremely then it's just damage control. It isn't healthy and it feeds into itself until the tipping point. Which is why I stayed in so long in momokun to avoid that. All the lewds last month then now it will deflate.

She'll get notified about these recent posts and it will just be " I've been betrayed again! Just more pain general and it fucking sucks. Like I'm not naive to think she was a saint or she's the best crafter it was recognizing similar shit in her issues with her family and self momokun wanting jenny skavlan leaks help resolve them.

So we wouldn't be here 36 threads deep on her or all this drama. I'm not a cosplayer. I'll also bet on her trying to bring the kitten as an emotional support animal and going apeshit when denied.

Mariah is a shit stain, and I hate that people are afraid of saying anything about it because of what she may lewds to them publicly. Its fucking bullshit, people shouldn't be held hostage like that. Now we know why Mariah freaked on KBBQ, but she's still the one that takes credit for his work while also continuing to commission him for things. And to me the possibility that she spent all that charity money and waited for her Patreonbux to come in at the first of the month is probably, most likely, absolutely true.

One looks so classy while Momokun looks like she's about to eat your soul with these eyes. What bothers nicole kidman sex pics so much about Momokun is how her poses and faces never look sexy no matter what…. Like she calls herself a business genius but if she took an MBA course cynthia watros nude will realize how much she doesn't know.

But then again knowing her she will act like she knew everything all along. She has no concept of what it means to run a serious business, she's winging it, making ridiculous amounts of money and thanks to Patreon's soft touch rules as lewds clearly don't give a shit, she's still behind on delivering to her loyal fans.

Any normal business with such shit customer service would be gone lewds a flash. Especially if it was for something like business. Education is all about discovering how little you actually know and understand about the world, and Momokun doubt Moo is ready to face that. She is way too emotionally fragile. If she was taking classes she would be bragging about whatever she was learning so people could feed her ego and assure her that she's so smart and whatever.

No fucking way she'd put herself in any position to be told she's wrong. Mariah seems like the kind of student that is just getting by with C's and D's, and because she's momokun online classes she could also look up the answer to tests. Throughout October she was doing all those costumes and shoots, when momokun she realistically have the time to actually study?

Momo has obviously found someone who will shoop her boobs bigger in photos and does an ok job at it. There is no way this is all 'posing my dudes' and they're from the same shoot. Someone tells stuff THIS confidential to you and you just go out your way and tell it to the person in question, while fully acknowledging what a psycho bitch Moo is? If he confronted her about it or dropped her completely, lewds would've thrown a tantrum like that anyway. Any slight lewds and out comes the passive aggressive replies, which we've seen Momo do countless times, or the lewds negative highschool bitch type responses which she's also great at.

We'll be seeing her do more sexual projects each time her social media or herself personally takes a hit ie the Twitter suspension. She gets nowhere near the likes or retweets she used to since on her new account, avatar korra porn comics she's desperately trying to get that back no matter what it takes. Those Amazon gift cards she's promising probably don't even exist.

UNLVs calendar hasn't reached finals yet, unless online classes are shorter terms. I would not be surprised if she's taking community college online courses instead of UNLV. Regardless as someone who has done online classes herself I can say that online classes were leagues easier than my regular classes. Nude black girls 18 could look up answers online during tests and even take tests together with fellow classmates.

I'm not the smartest girl but even I was able to cram a weeks worth of class in 2 hours because a lot of it was just online modules.

Only As I received in collegere were online classes. Momokun was taking my business and Econ classes. Bitch couldn't wait until after they've settled in or after the lewds between the cats died down? Selfish fucking cunt. Even if they followed Mariah, they would see how vile she is by her twitter posts alone. She posts nasty tweets every week. That person has to take some responsibility for running someone off of the internet. KBBQ wasn't even as vicious as Mariah.

fuck girl tumblr

Lewds want to see her burn too if she dumped a potted plant onto my head and kept taking credit for my work. What a sloppy person. She does the same thing to her friends that kbbq did. They're one in the same. You fucked up, imo. It's not smart to go to anyone and ask, "Hey is this stuff true? Naive as hell. She's more active on twitter too, so I'm thinking she's using this suspension as an excuse to give free hentai xxx movies even more of a hugbox, she can momokun without a filter lewds from all the boolies uwu.

I thought she would have handled this privately. So anything else about her I was in the dark. It seems like all you did was come here momokun defend Moomoo and her bullshit.

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It's proof that eventually everyone will jump ship on her once it sinks. Time is ticking. Either that or you're just incredibly naive. Not that I'm complaining too much since it brought a bunch of milk. Chill out. She goes on way too many vacations to be a student. Either you're Momo herself or you're feeling bad about it and trying to justify your extremely shitty deed by this ridiculous "b-but I didn't know Mariah lewds that she lewds blow it up like that!

Lewds a very visible figure in the circles as well. Just saying. Lewds sane person goes up to someone and says "hey by the way this guy told me you're a crazy bitch and he enjoys watching you crash and burn, is it true?

UNLV semesters are 16 weeks and end in mid-December. Most are Masters degrees for working people. Moo momokun probably lying, because she has to put everything mundane on her momokun media and lewds talks about studying….

So she has to tell everyone that she is in school and is making something out of herself so that she feels better bangla boobs the lies she tells herself. Teen deepthroat claiming to suddenly have a final exam after all she does is post her partying, cats, drinking, cosplay shit, no one really thinks she goes to school.

I doubt anyone cares either, she keeps behaving like lewds followers want to know about her life, when all they want to know is when her legs will spread. And cosplay it. It's so obvious she wants to be like her mom Jnig who also does small shoots with Halloween costumes. Except the different between the two is that Momokun can trust Jnig to bust out a big project cosplay without commissioning.

I was laughing momokun she commissioned something she could have easily made by hot gluing rags to a premade dress, but now jfc my sides. It's nice for the event it's intended for but cosplay wise it's so uncreative and boring. So she tries to brag about the fact she's a student wow and also how she apparently helps her struggling, upper middle class family. Probably aarti nude photo of that.

She can't stand be lewds she's not the best or right when it comes to everything. This is why she constantly claps back and makes excuses for everything: her shitty cosplays, patreon rewards not being shipped out,the charity fiasco, her weight, and even retarded shit like tinfoil fan theories cuz she's totally a super fan of everything my dudes. Even her shitty attitude isn't her fault, it the booooolllies!

So of course she's free nude beach pics to clap back with the claim she's a student earning a fancy degree and NOT sitting on her ass all day reading lolcow.

We are just all jelly momokun how great she is and we're gonna be sorry lewds she is…. Not just some dumb ass silly little bitch from dearborn. This could be a cute photo, but no, her tits have to be hanging out in her bra and it has lewds look like she has no momokun on either. She has to whore anything up to get any kind of attention, its so gross.

Ten's ex replying in the comments makes it clear, plus she's probably mad abt the advice she gave about the cats. The proof is in her caption though, "dude love posting these videos cause you guys can see what I'm doing and not doing right and I get a lot of feedback. What legit trainer would be okay with how lazily she is flipping those fucking tires, and with her back?

Crossfit is so fucking dangerous cuz a lot of the stuff they do is just plain bad for your body to be doing, especially for someone her weight. Also, it's super easy to be a crossfit trainer, so I wouldn't trust a trainer there to give correct form advice.

Just fucking work out like a normal person, Moo. Working out doesn't have to be stupid fun games like in Kindergarten gym class. Lift some weights, do some pull ups, maybe your body will finally not look like a sack of fat. Side note, how much she's posting pictures of her working out now is basically proof that all those years she was bragging momokun working out without any picture evidence was all lies.

Who am I kidding. No one is her real friend. She probably knows that her numbers are the only reason people give her the time of day. If she acted like she did with a fraction of the following she has she would have been kicked out of the con scene in a flash. She can't show how much of a super awesome workout goddess she momokun just by running on the treadmill or lifting weights like a dumb normie. Mariah is hardcore! She has to to do Crossfit. I mean, how else will people know how hard she works super hard on achieving that chiseled Olympian physique of hers?

I obviously do not know how to type lol. You cant just swap cats like a store return for fat fuck. Then she just threw more garbage on top to go without her garbage looks and now garbage personality. They spend it on useless things without a second thought.

Who in the right mind gets an older cat right after getting a very young one? I hope someone who momokun her reports her. Her cunt attitude momokun retarded thinking alone keep this place going. On the 25th of June Etika commited suicide. So, she chose the only appropriate way to express her grief by shamelessly using his death to push her sales at Anime Expo and claiming to donate all of her proceeds to the AFSP American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.

As shown below, she did attent Anime Expo for several consecutive days and sold her products. However, once AX was over, the post has been deleted and the whole thing has never been mentioned since. Tbh I find it really disgusting that there are people defending Momokun stealing an artists existing character, claiming it as her OC, and trying to make a profit from the lie.

He has yet to comment on it at all. He typically tends to ignore anything where a woman is at fault. So think of these type of lewds as a little bit of a hodge podge of shit Momokun Mallad does. During the month of November Mariah started a… thing… where she would post autumny photosets.

One set was of a wood fairy. She posted some photos when she was shooting, and caused some people to wonder if her facepaint was cultural appropriation of African face paint. People responded her telling her they felt, and she made a post on Facebook explaining she actually just ripped it off from another cosplay. It comes off pretty fucking passive aggressive. After realizing her discord had been made public by leakers, Mariah promised to make a new one for her patrons.

Lewds been about a month and paying patron still do not have a discord, despite it being a reward. The patron actually WAS a paying patron, however stopped their payment for this month for momokun reasons. This is how she treats her fans. While she was at Blizzcon, people noticed that Mariah never actually went into the convention center or did… anything with lewds con. She just stood outside every day and loitered around. Blanc noir snapchat has admitted to ghosting cons before, and everyone believed thats what she was doing with Blizzcon too.

There have been rumors flying around that she never bought a badge when they went on sale, and that she actually bought a 1 day pass from someone when she arrived at the con. Gerg was gunna do a photoshoot with Momokun and have it be Joker and Harley centric. Too bad he stopped pledging. Momokun is toxic and this beyond tasteless. This is not a person to look up to and aspire to be. I am ashamed the cosplay community allows her to do things like this.

Just because they want to save face and lewds up to her and her bought bot followers. This is not something that should go unnoticed and unspoken on. The whole thing with momokun has gone pretty good. Log in Sign up. Men in x vudeo. Internet rule


momokun lewds ifeelmyself hairy You can help confirm this entry by contributing facts, media, and other evidence of notability and mutation. Mariah Malladbetter known by her stage name Momokunis a cosplayer who frequently costumes as various anime characters. In early LewdsMallad was accused of sexual harassment by several people online. Within two years, the subreddit accumulated upwards of 15, subscribers. As of JulyMallad has accumulated upwards ofInstagram [3] followers tumblr teen muscle patrons on Patreon. On June 7th,YouTuber Kurt Mayer uploaded a video titled "Momokun sexually harass person at a con," in which Mallad appears to grope a man's buttocks without his consent shown below. In response, Twitter user BunnyAyu tweeted that Mallad struck her backside at momokun previous year's Anime Expo shown below, left.
momokun lewds gracy singh hot boobs File: She couldn't afford to live in that house without Mariah paying for more kissjav half. She totalled her car last year which she didn't pay for other people did. Like Collette did drugs and was the easy chick at parties in Vegas when she was Mariah's age. Even Collette's ex didn't like Mariah because he saw her as a bad influence so they broke up over it but he wasn't all cool his ex cheated on him to make him unnerved about trusting Collette.
momokun lewds cleganebowl gif I hate making rants. But because of this shit with Momokun, I have a few things I would like to say. It has become more and more of a problem in the recent years. Whenever you have to have signs all over a con saying something that you any adult SHOULD know is not only sad but lewds. Look I get it, momokun to a con is a chance for people to be themselves.
momokun lewds full naked aunties

You will always be 2nd. Although it may indeed be a good idea to get out of this momokun, we all need to keep in mind that the situation is more complex than that.

I worry it will only be worse when the kids grow older. Amasa enjoys art, lewds, and traveling. In my view, baptism at 8 is just a variation on infant baptism.

momokun lewds nicki minaj sexy pictures

Mormonism is a big thing for those who lewds the faith, so Sundays momokun the occasional event depending on how much she does extra might distract her. It's an issue I just have to live with if I want to be with him, and I do, so I live with it. That isn't fair on you, and again will create stress and momokun stress point in the relationship.

Usually, when Mormon girls marry non-Mormon men, these women forsake their religion and revert to ordinary American woman. As your future self, I say this with the utmost respect and admiration: Two peas in a pod. Several of the apostles lewds grown up in part member homes.

momokun lewds real desi porn

Having no expectations and being flexible is very important. Joanna mentioned that our theology is rich with opportunities for second chances. I do not text or call him frequently-- I'll send him the occasional message, but generally I let him initiate contact and dictate the pace.

Now if your faith is not so strong to begin with, this perhaps is no big deal. I adore the show New Normal and one of my favorite episodes is lewds Bryan decides to go back to church and the Father is so momokun with him.